The representation of Orthodox Church in America

Представительство Православной Церкви в Америке


The altar of the summer church is dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Catherine.

The main altar of the winter church is dedicated to the Image of the Saviour-Not-Made-by-Hands.

Two side altars are dedicated to St. Nicholas and St. Alexander Nevsky.

Church Services

Church Services are celebrated in Old Church Slavonic and in English.

At the church

At the church there is Sunday School for adults, New Testament classes and English language courses.

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Announcement Declares a set of group for learning Russian language for expats, November 2014. Training is conducted by Russian teacher from Moscow University for donation. All those interested can pre-register for classes at Church candle store. Or mail directly your contacts on :

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The Orthodox Church in America news

Crucial to the success of the 18th All-American Council, slated to convene in Atlanta, GA July 20-24, 2015, is a full complement of delegates representing parishes of every diocese of the Orthodox Church in America. In an effort to assist delegates from the Dioceses of Alaska and Mexico, for whom ...

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