The representation of Orthodox Church in America

Представительство Православной Церкви в Америке


The altar of the summer church is dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Catherine.

The main altar of the winter church is dedicated to the Image of the Saviour-Not-Made-by-Hands.

Two side altars are dedicated to St. Nicholas and St. Alexander Nevsky.

Church Services

Church Services are celebrated in Old Church Slavonic and in English.

At the church

At the church there is Sunday School for adults, New Testament classes and English language courses.

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Prayers are being offered on this day. At Saint Catherine the Great Martyr Representation Church in Moscow, a Memorial Litiya was celebrated after this morning’s Divine Liturgy marking the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. Dean of the Representative of Moscow’s Orthodox Church Archimandrite Alexander together with Protestant and Catholic communities, and

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In the prophet Ezekiel (9:6) it is said that when the Angel of the Lord was sent to punish and destroy the sinning people, it was told him not to strike those on whom the “mark” had been made. In the original text this mark is called “tau,” the Hebrew letter corresponding to the letter “T,” which is ...

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