6 AprilThursday
All-Night Vigil18:00

The Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary. New Hieromartyr Tikhon, patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

7 AprilFriday
Confession. Divine Liturgy 09:00

Lazarus Saturday. Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel

8 AprilSaturday
Confession. Matins. Divine Liturgy09:00
All-Night Vigil17:00

The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.

9 AprilSunday
Divine Liturgy on church-slavonic10:00
Divine Liturgy on english10:00
12 AprilWednesday
Confession Hours Typika Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts09:00
Holy Unction18:00

Passion Week: Great Thursday.

13 AprilThursday
Confession Hours Typika Divine Liturgy09:00
Matins Reading of 12 Gospels17:00

Holy Friday

14 AprilFriday
Royal Hours Typika09:00
Vespers with the bringing out of the Holy shroud16:00
Matins with burial of Holy Shroud.18:00

Passion Week: Great Saturday

15 AprilSaturday
Confession Hours Typika 09:00
Vespers Liturgy of St.Basil the Great10:00
Blessing of Easter cakes 13.00,14.00,15.00,16.00, 17.00

The Bright Resurrection of Christ, The Pascha of the Lord.

16 AprilSunday
Cross Procession . Easter Matins . Easter Hours . Divine Liturgy .00:00

Bright Week. Easter Monday.

17 AprilMonday
Easter Matins. Hours. Divine Liturgy .09:00

Friday of Bright Week. Icon of Holy Theotokos “Life-giving Spring.”

21 AprilFriday
Easter Matins. Hours.Divine Liturgy. Bleesing of water. Cross procession.09:00
22 AprilSaturday
All-Night Vigil17:00

Second Sunday of Pascha: Antipascha, St. Thomas Sunday.

23 AprilSunday
Divine Liturgy on english10:00
Divine Liturgy on church-slavonic10:00

Radonitsa, or Day of Rejoicing. Commemoration of the Dead.

25 AprilTuesday
Confession Divine Liturgy Panikhida09:00
26 AprilWednesday
Akathist to St.catherine18:00
29 AprilSaturday
All-Night Vigil17:00

Third Sunday of Pascha: The Myrrh-bearing Women.

30 AprilSunday
Divine Litugy10:00


3 MayWednesday
Akathist to St.John of Shanghai18:00
6 MaySaturday
All-Night Vigil17:00

Fourth Sunday of Pascha: The Paralyzed Man

7 MaySunday
Divine Liturgy10:00

Commemoration of the Dead Soldiers

9 MayTuesday
Matins. Confession. Divine Liturgy. Thanksgiving moleben and panikhida09:00


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